China Railway Engineering Equipment (Australia) Pty Ltd (CREGA) has been established in Australia pursuant to a Cooperation Partnership Agreement with China Railway Engineering Equipment Group (CREG) which is a subsidiary company of the public listed China Railway Engineering Corporation (CREC), a Fortune Global 500 Company. 

Under the China - Australia Free Trade Agreement and to facilitate participation and procurement opportunities in Australia, CREGA works in close business relationship with the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC).

CREG ranks as the first TBM comprehensive service supplier among China’s TBM manufacturers in terms of production capacities, reliability and safety, suitability and adaptability to the ground, strength of design and R&D, innovation & industrial patents, post-sales and technical support service. It is the first TBMs’ manufacturer appointed for national “863” TBM R&D programme which is fully supported by Chinese Government. 

With an annual production capacity of 100 TBMs, CREG has designed and produced a full spectrum of TBMs ( ranging ϕ4m to ϕ12m ) for hard rock, soft ground and mix-face ground, inclusive of single-shield & double-shield TBMs, open gripper TBM, EPB and slurry shield TBMs, and mixed shield TBM. 

CREG holds the monthly progress record of 1868m for rock TBM, 567m for mixed shied TBM, and 655m for EPB-TBM. CREG prides itself on being its customers’ partner in tunneling sector.

With 12 engineering companies in tunneling & construction sectors within CREC, CREC has used more than 150 TBMs from major top world suppliers such as Robbins, Herrenknecht, Kawasaki, Komatsu, NFM, Wirth, Hitachi, Lovat and Mitsubishi. Owing to CREC’s dedicated systematic feedback on those 150 TBMs onsite performance and comprehensive information sharing system, CREG is in fact the largest TBM user with vast boring tunneling experience among the world TBM manufacturers. With such unique combination together with strong capacities in R&D and design, CREG has been integrating all its major tunneling experiences on 150 TBMs’ performance and machinery into its own TBM design and manufacture. CREG has been producing the most geologically adaptable and suitable TBMs among all the major global suppliers in China market. 

CREG is the leader in the tunnel boring industry in China. Its products have widely been used in China's giant metro tunneling projects and exported to Malaysia, Singapore, India, Ethiopia and several other countries.